I submitted samples of writing from Captain Dave, his mother Hannah and his sister Ellen to Kelly Kincaid for handwriting analysis.. Kelly is a nationally recognized, certified graphologist in St. Louis, Missouri where she has done worked for all phases of law enforcement as well as the prison system. She and her class, Karen Eddinger, Ellen Klamon, Judy Korn, and Linda Nelson Ellis submitted the following report.


He would have been someone the men liked as well as women. He was a people person with a strong sense of justice and fairness. With his people skills, he would consider how his decisions would effect others. He was precise and orderly and there was absolutely no nonsense about him. He would have been well liked and respected; his men would gladly follow him. He was very confident with tremendous leadership abilities. He was action oriented and disciplined with some stubbornness and was very powerful. He was an elegant, genteel man.


This was a strong woman. Extremely intelligent, a good conversationalist and communicator and was highly intuitive. She preferred small intimate gatherings and avoided large crowds. She appears to be restless and bored which is natural if she was bed ridden. She had a jealous nature and was stubborn and controlling. She also showed a need for recognition and/or appreciation. I believe she was feeling very sorry for herself at that point in her life. She had a analytical mind and shows frustration. These traits would have made her a good investigator. The frustration could simply mean she was not satisfied with the status quo and wanted to find a better answer for whatever. It also appears that she lacked an authority figure in her life. We usually attribute this to a lack of a father figure in ones life. However in her time that was not unusual even if the father lived in the home. Men didn't interact with female children as readily as now. (Hannah’s father did die when she was a few months old – author.)


Both Hannah and Ellen were very social and gracious people, with a steel rod in their backs. They were forceful women who were very intelligent with a natural curiosity that made them very interesting. There is great fluency in both women's writing. This indicates a seamless assimilation of information both coming in and going out. Hannah appeared to be more comfortable with small groups rather than large crowds, Ellen appears to have been clannish. This is a defense and an over protectiveness of self. She would have been uncomfortable to the point of fear in large gatherings. She however was very humorous and had a pretty good temper and was outspoken and argumentative like her mother.

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